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profmastermems2011_01Professional Master's Program

The Professional Master’s Program in Mechanical Engineering is designed for those who wish to join the workforce as practicing professionals, rather than pursing a research oriented academic career.

The M.M.E. Program is designed to prepare students with an advanced understanding of both the theories and applications of mechanical engineering in areas of research expertise of the faculty.  Our students are members of a highly selective academic community who take interesting, relevant and challenging courses from faculty who are at the tops of their fields.

Our faculty include:

Members of National Academy of Engineering Fellows of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Recipients of the National Science Foundation
    CAREER Award
Fellows of the American Institute of Aeronautics
    and Astronautics
Recipients of the Presidential Young Investigator Award Highly Cited Researchers


•    30 semester credit hours of approved coursework at 500 level or higher. Of these courses at least 24 must be taken at Rice.
•    A minimum of 18 credit hours from the "MME Course Set" established by the department:

(MECH 501  - Dynamics and Control of Mechanical Systems or MECH 508 - Nonlinear Systems)
MECH 502 - Vibration
MECH 505 - Numerical Methods
MECH 517 - Finite Element Analysis
MECH 554 - Computational Fluid Mechanics
MECH 575 - Introduction to Hydodynamic Stability
MECH 582 - Convective Heat Transfer
(MECH 588 - Design of Mechatronic Systems or MECH 598 - Introduction to Robotics)
MECH 594 - Introduction to Aeronautics

•    The remaining credit hours will be elective 500+ level courses approved by the advisor and the department, some of which could be from outside the department. None of the remaining required 12 credit hours can be Independent-Study (MECH 611 or 612) or MME Research Project (MECH 621 or 622) classes.

Note:  For each pair of courses listed as (MECH AAA or MECH BBB), only one can be taken to meet the MME Course Set requirement. If a course or its undergraduate version was taken earlier as part of meeting the requirements of an undergraduate degree, it can be replaced according to the following table:

MECH 501 ← MECH 508
MECH 508 ← MECH 501
MECH 502 ← (MECH 678 or MECH 679)
MECH 517 ← MECH 503
MECH 554 ← (MECH 555 or MECH 654)
MECH 582 ← MECH 583
MECH 588 ← MECH 598
MECH 598 ← MECH 588
MECH 594 ← MECH 596
MECH 665 ← MECH 667

Prerequisite courses may be required for students who have a BA or BS in another engineering field

Field Report Requirement:
MME students are required to prepare a Field Report for one of the MME Course Set classes.  With approval of the course instructor, students must prepare a report and presentation on a mechanical engineering field or design related to that course. Topics must be decided before the mid-term break.  The written Field Report is due at 5 pm on the last day of classes for that semester.  

The oral presentation will be given at a time to be scheduled by the instructor.

The students are responsible for contacting the instructor of the class they want to write the field report for and confirming with them through email communication the topic of the field report. The student is also responsible for making sure that the Graduate Administrator (aliciac@rice.edu) is copied on the final email communication between the student and the faculty regarding the topic of the field report.

Application deadlines

Fall admission—February 1
Spring admission—November 1

Dual M.B.A./M.M.E. Program (M.B.A./M.M.E.)

The dual program is offered in collaboration with the Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business (JGS) and is designed to meet the growing demand for managers with the technical expertise. The M.B.A./M.M.E. program trains students to apply management strategies that meet the needs of high-technology companies.

Students interested in the M.B.A/M.M.E. degree must apply for dual admissions through the JGS (for the M.B.A. program) and the Department of Mechanical Engineering (for the M.M.E. program). Admission is reviewed independently and students must be granted admission to both programs.

Updated: 2/25/2015