Marquise Bell receives Materials Research Society best presentation award

PhD student is a researcher in the Preston Innovation Laboratory at Rice.

Headshot of Marquise Bell

Marquise Bell, a third-year doctoral student in mechanical engineering (MECH) at Rice University, has been awarded an Institute of Physics Best Presentation Award at the Materials Research Society (MRS) Fall Meeting.

Bell’s conference submission was titled “A Heat-Based Self-Decontaminating Textile Material for Wearables.” The award was formally presented at the 2022 MRS event held Nov. 27-Dec. 2 in Boston. The Best Presentation Award comes with a $360 prize.

Bell was lead author. His co-authors were Te Faye Yap, fourth-year doctoral student in MECH; Kai Ye, fourth-year doctoral student in biosciences; Anoop Rajappan, postdoctoral research associate in MECH; Colter Decker, senior in MECH; Yizhi Jane Tao, professor of biosciences at Rice; and Daniel Preston, assistant professor of MECH.

Bell earned his B.S. in MECH from Baylor University in 2020 and that year joined the Preston Innovation Laboratory at Rice.

In 2020, Bell was named an associate fellow of the National GEM (Graduate Education for Minorities) Consortium. In 2021, he received a NASA Space Technology Graduate Research Opportunities Fellowship to develop textiles for use in advanced spacesuits.